The Circus – The Tent


Here is the start of the circus tent. Due to my lack of space and a very inquisitive Bea I have roped in the parents to help. My father is making the frame and my mother is sorting out the fabric. It’s looking good so far.


The Circus – meet the lions


Two lions are now preparing to join the circus. I made the male lion first and decided that perhaps he needed a partner so today I made the female one. I have slightly battled with the lions mane but hope I have got it right now.

Day 11 – TOOT TOOT!!


Day 11 - TOOT TOOT!!

Toot Toot! Percy and Dixie are out for a spin in their car. Sadly the sun is not shining but they dont seem to mind.

All the pieces of the car fitted together and its now finished. I have enjoyed making it and learnt all about how to and how not to use balsa wood. I was pleased how well the buttons worked as lights. Making Percy and Dixie has been nothing but a pleasure.

Day 9 – Circular Objects

Bea and I pottered around the house this morning looking for something to use to make the steering wheel. Inside of Sellotape was too small, toilet roll too flimsy, plastic cap maybe.. no actually as you can’t saw a section off. Finally found a nice roll of ribbon on a tough cardboard ring. Managed to saw a thin slice off and it held its shape. It did start to fall apart so decided to wrap it in a thin strip of fabric (like leather). Hopefully it will now hold. I have studied zodiac steering wheels and they have a centre piece and two sticks. I have tried to replicate it.
I also realised the car needs wing mirrors, that is what is being carved in lower left picture.
I have discovered that making with a 15 month old is hard as she wants to get involved so not managing much each day!

Day 8 – Interior of The Car


I have finally started the interior of the car. I found some lovely red gingham for the seats. I think gingham is lovely when it is not shaped like a dress and you are 9 years old and being call a J cloth. I have cut out the wood for the seats and found some foam as Percy and Dixie must be comfortable. I used a lot of different glue to stick the foam to the wood and then wrap it in the fabric. You can see in the lower right picture that the seats are taking shape.
My mother recently visited Truro and found the lovely selection of buttons which will be used as the various headlights and backlights. I can’t make up my mind which to use!