Dixie and Percy

This is very exciting times. Dixie and Percy in their sporty red car are now off to Waterstones Piccadilly to go on display. They will be there for most of August i have been told. They are then off to do a little tour around the country. You can see them setting of on their travels on Clara’s blog:


The Circus




Hurrah the circus is complete!
I would like to thank my very clever parents for the tent. My father constructed the frame and my mother made the fabric while I watched in awe and learnt a thing or two.
All the animals are made to the 1/12 scale so that they are all in proportion to each other.
It’s been a very fun project and it has now gone off to its new home.

The Circus – The Horse


I have been making a horse to join the circus. Initially it was white but I was asked to make it skewbald. What’s that I wondered. I looked it up on the Internet and thought ahhh cow markings. I was not totally convinced I had done it correctly so I turned to the all knowledgable twitter. I then spent the evening learning about the difference between skew and pie bald thanks to Maggie and Alice Arnold.